Ecstatic Dance Beach

Over Ecstatic Dance Beach

What is Ecstatic Dance Beach?

Ecstatic Dance in the Silent Dance way… We have for you a HQ headset, its in the price! Use this wisely, it can’t swim! Enjoy the dance at the beach.

What kind of music do I hear?

Ecstatic dance is build up from all different kind of music styles. From urban, to the best beat ever. Shamanistic and classical

Who is the DJ/ CL

In the ticketshop you can see who is preparing the set. We always ask if the DJ will come and dance with us. But this is due the COVID situation not always possible.

Ecstatic Dance Workout

Inspired by and with the kind permission of Ecstatic Dance San Francisco
Ecstatic Dance is happening worldwide;
Hawaii, San Francisco, Berlin, New York, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona
We’d love to see you on our outside dance floor

Tickets & Agenda

Ecstatic Dance Nieuwsbrief

Je ontvangt updates over nieuwe organisaties en aankondigingen per seizoen over grotere evenementen (zoals festivals en retreats).