Over Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam

If you love dancing
And the feeling of Ecstasy, Surrender & Flow
Then you found your community

Welcome to Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam​

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First Ecstatic in the Netherlands

Starting in February 2012 as the first Ecstatic Dance in the Netherlands, it became a source of inspiration for many other countries and cities to follow.

Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam* is one of the Mecca’s of the worldwide Ecstatic Dance movement.

​Inspired by and with kind permission of Ecstatic Dance San Francisco. Ecstatic Dance is happening worldwide: 

Hawaii, San Francisco, Berlin, New York, Seattle, London, Amsterdam & Barcelona.

Ecstatic Dance Nieuwsbrief

Je ontvangt updates over nieuwe organisaties en aankondigingen per seizoen over grotere evenementen (zoals festivals en retreats).